Merry Christmas from the Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health Family!

Although 2020 certainly didn’t come without its share of challenges, in a funny way it revealed what we’re really made of. When you’re pushed to the ground who’s hand is there to help us get up and push through what’s next?

We’ve been proudly serving Southern Colorado for nearly 45 years and we knew that this year was particularly challenging and we weren’t going to let it go by without spreading some Christmas Joy!

In spite of the many obvious challenges, we don’t have to look far to see the immense blessings we’re so fortunate to experience and after only a brief time of brainstorming by our team, we had our idea as to how we can give back and bless the communities that have been such a blessing to us.


We are humbled, exhilarated and thankful to begin a tradition we hope to share with you for many years to come, our Annual RMBH Christmas for KIDS where this go around we were able to purchase Christmas gifts for 48 families with collectively 79 children in Fremont County!

Ted Ulibarri, Executive Director said:

“It’s a huge blessing to be part of something like this!”

With a last minute decision to create such an ambitious event, the team at RMBH had the deck stacked against them but with the Spirit of Christmas as fuel, the team planned, purchased, wrapped, organized and presented the gifts in record time allowing absolutely everyone involved to experience and benefit from the beauty of love and support.

We’ve said it before but are not sure we could ever fully express the appreciation we have for the communities we serve and our sincere hope for each of us and collectively as a whole, to live amazing lives of purpose and meaning!

There are beautiful people all over the place. The spirit of community, giving and Christmas is not only alive but thriving and we’re thankful to you for that!

From the RMBH family we wish you and yours the absolute best this Christmas season and are sending positive vibes your way that 2021 is the best year yet!