So often the challenges our patients face effect relationships including the people closest to them.

Not only do we have many options to help individuals overcome mental health challenges but we offer many resources that can help loved ones participate in the process and perhaps even allow the relationship to grow stronger.

Recovery can be an incredibly lonely experience and leading up to it there are many factors that create distance in a relationship. There’s not many things more powerful than the support of a loved one and we encourage those involved to utilize our resources to understand the role they play and play it to it’s fullest for the benefit of all.

If your loved one is struggling with mental health challenges, substance abuse or more, reach out to Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health. We here for individuals, couples, families and our community as a whole.

Call us at (719) 275-7650 to learn how we can help and check out our “Families” page for great resources so you can understand and position yourself to being a contributing factor to recovery success!