Have you or a loved one recently received a DUI?

Although getting a DUI in Colorado Springs or Canyon City can be one of the most uncomfortable challenges many will face, if dealt with properly and with the right guidance, can be moved through quickly, allowing one to get their life back in order.

What are the challenges when getting a DUI?

The challenges for getting a DUI will depend on your specific case, history and circumstances. They can range from classes and fines all the way up to even prison time. Common consequences include probation, loss of license, fines, loss of job, stress, insurance challenges and again, jail or prison time. There are many moving parts when one gets a DUI and you’ll need to be addressing issues with law enforcement, the courts, the DMV and your insurance company to name a few.

Questions people commonly have?

  • How many classes will I have to complete?
  • How much is the process going to cost?
  • Can I get started with my DUI classes before sentencing?
  • Can I get my license back right away or what needs to be completed?

The answers to these questions will vary from one person to the next and typically the best source for answers will be your case manager. This individual possessing the specifics of your case will be able to offer you guidance and direction as to the necessary steps you’ll need to take to satisfy your requirements. Other excellent resources that can help you gain clarity as to the process can include your treatment provider and the tools made available by them.

What resources exist to make the process easier?

Getting a DUI is no walk in the park. You should prepare for it to potentially play out over the course of close to a year or even more. The best way we’ve seen for people to navigate the challenges of DUI’s in Colorado Springs and Canyon City is to get educated.

Connecting with your case manager and gathering their advice is a smart initial step.

Next you’ll likely be on your way to finding an agency where you’ll complete your DUI classes. These organizations such as Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health, have interesting insights into the system through experience and can be an invaluable source of information.

There are also many other organizations that offer resources and guidance for someone trying to overcome the challenges of DUI. Here in Colorado Springs and Canyon City, you’ll want to explore the information made available to you from:

The good news is with the proper knowledge, you too can get past your DUI hopefully to never experience the challenges of one again.

Although getting a DUI can certainly be unpleasant, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, with the right attitude and strategy, it can be one of the best things that has ever happened to you. Driving under the influence is incredibly dangerous and one of the most irresponsible things one can do, endangering not only themselves but innocent drivers everywhere.

The wake up call of a DUI is often just the thing to open ones eyes to the necessity of making life changes so you and the world around you can be better. Our decisions have consequences and considering the risk of driving under the influence, the consequences of DUI and steep and will leave a last impression.

How you approach the experience in many ways defines not only who you are but the life you will lead moving forward. Will you embrace the challenge as an opportunity to become a better person or will you fall back into destructive patterns and live with regret?

Why Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health should be considered for DUI Classes

RMBH (Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health) has been dealing with DUI related classes, education and counselling for more than 30 years. We are a respected resource in the community not only because of our experience but because our research based programs that are designed to help people overcome their challenges long term so they can live a better life.

We have many options for people that will help you understand the process, the root cause of your addiction (if applicable) and begin to identify how you can overcome for success over the long term.

We are very aware of the challenges a DUI creates and have created other resources to help minimize the discomfort as you progress through the process.

We offer transportation services so you can get to and from your required classes.

We have a flexible schedule so you can hopefully maintain your other commitments while completing your assignments.

We have one of the most compassionate, experienced and committed teams you’ll find. Our team at Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health both in Colorado Springs and Canyon City truly aims to provide you with the tools to overcome your challenges and rise to a level you’re living better than ever before.

Our aim with each and every person we work with, is helping them to better understand themselves and through the process gain a great control on their life and the results they’re creating.

What should you do now?

If you’ve received a DUI and are ready to take the action both required and necessary to overcome, reach out to RMBH (Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health) today. Whether in Colorado Springs or Canyon City, our dedicated team is standing by 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get through this unique challenge.

“Even the greatest of journeys, begins with a single step.”

Start the next and best chapter of your life with us! We can be reached at (719) 275-7650 or through email at rmbh@rmbh.org.