Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health’s Children’s Program has multiple options for children, and we are working on expanding these services regularly. We provide an opportunity and space for children to gain support and autonomy. We take a trauma-informed approach while looking though a child-centered lens, incorporating play, sand, and art-based interventions.  

Play, sand, and art interventions allow the child to communicate their behaviors, feelings, and thoughts.  Engaging children in these interventions allows them to tell their stories in a way they feel understood.  

Our therapists seek out ongoing training, consultation, and supervision to ensure the utmost quality of care. We encourage those in need to seek out a consultation to determine if we can meet your needs. If we are not the right place for your needs, we will try to direct you to a better fit. 

 If you believe your child could benefit from our services, feel free to contact us today at (719) 275-7650