Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health was started nearly 50 years ago with the intention of helping Fremont County overcome substance abuse and mental health challenges.

Throughout that time we have built an incredible team and gained tons of invaluable experience. We work with and are looked to by many state institutions as an authority on matter related to mental health.

We work closely with the correctional system and are in full compliance so we can assist our clients in overcoming their challenges and doing so in the ways required by order.

As RMBH grew we become a pillar of hope in Canon City and expanded our services to include programs for children and youth and many other demographics.

We started working with DHS and more institutions further expanding our offerings.

We started recruiting and building an exceptional team of experts within the industry and through our research and designed very effective and methodically assembled programs for success.

RMBH has been mentioned in many publications as not only a leader in mental health but a positive influence in our community.

We are beyond thankful for the opportunity to serve Fremont county and we look forward to doing so for many years to come.