Through years of research and experience, the path to sustained and profound recovery is now becoming clear.

What is substance abuse?

Addiction and substance abuse come in many flavors. You of course, have drugs and alcohol but there are many other things that can fall into these categories as well.

If there is something dominating your life and pushing you to make lesser life decisions in trade for, it’s possible you have a substance abuse issue. When we let addictions or habits control our lives, we’re unable to live to our potential and truly experience the quality of life that’s not only possible but the life we seek to live.

It is only through education, reflection and often times support, we’re able to see the root to these causes and begin to heal in such a way the changes take hold and have a last impact.

What are the challenges of substance abuse?

The challenges can be many and range from small things (but things that add up) to massive dysfunctions in your relationship(s), health, job and/or more. These challenges from small to big but in combination together can be nearly if not entirely paralyzing, preventing us from thriving on the levels we’re capable of.

It’s that old saying regarding putting a single rock in your backpack each day… You don’t realize the burden you’re carrying around until months later when you take the backpack off and are lightened of what has become a significant weight. Substance abuse often works in a similar way. Each day the weight of our burden is increased. Some days it’s noticeable and some days it’s not… Someday’s we see the problem and others the enemy goes unoticed… In either event, the one thing we know for sure, is the burden is growing and we’re less agile (aka have less freedom) as a result.

It is because of this slow increase of payload or this “rusting” of self, if you will, that we don’t realise the problem until it has or has nearly gotten out of control.

When it comes to substance abuse, how to we begin to heal?

Although, most everyone is dealing with circumstances and reasons all their own, it is true that many of us following similar patterns that lead to addiction of substance abuse.

Most often substance abuse is the result of coping with trauma. It is an escape from guilt, shame and/or confusion that without, we have difficulting processing our circumstances. It is an escape from thoughts and experiences that are painful with a such a significance we’ll put ourselves in harms way to avoid dealing with.

We believe there is no shame when it comes to addiction and substance abuse. Many people who fall to it are innocent victims who just didn’t know any better of the consequences of their behaviors. They ultimately just wanted to feel better and after this decision became a habit did they find themselves a victim to their addiction.

With love, belief and the right guidance, the good news is that substance abuse and addiction can be overcome. Opening the door for an existence of purpose, fulfilment and impact you’ll be thankful to have earned.

The benefits of finding help can be invaluable

Connecting with someone as simple as friend or as formal as a therapist, can lead to the lasting and profound change you seek.

Getting feedback from someone else and seeing your life through someone else’s eyes can begin to reveal not only root cause but reasons to have hope. Although times can be tough and we sometimes look to substances or what can be destructive behaviors to cope, we also start to see the alternative and the victory you can experience having overcome these temptations.

Finding and speaking with someone who is supportive and furthermore, if possible, knowledgeable can help one to see these revealing patterns and in turn devise thoughts and new habits that can help a person move beyond them.

Different guidance will of course lead to different direction. Any help in the beginning is can be a huge help on the road to recovery but as you grow to be more wise, it can be beneficial to seek out even more experienced council.

If you get to the point where you’re even considering professional help, let me assure you, if reaching out to RMBH (Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health) you’ll find the experience to be invaluable and perhaps just the thing you needed to permanently turn the corner and arrive on the path to recovery. Our trained professionals and many throughout the recovery realm, have the experience, empathy and understanding to help you navigate your challenges. That know that questions to ask and the resources that will help.

What to do when you’re ready to change

If you’re reading this article you’ve likely acknowledged you’re capable of more and have begin the process of bringing about a better life.

Online research although at times conflicting can put you in the neighborhood of solutions. As you read and begin to get familiar with how others have overcome their challenges and learned from experts on some of the reasons behind these successes, you’re fear will begin to diminish.

You’re not the first person to have struggled with substance abuse or addiction and unfortunately, you may not be the last. The good news is that there are resources out there can ensure your story is one of success.

We ask that you not be intimidated when considering professional help. The process is ALWAYS warmer and more positive than people expect. It is our job to help you begin to make sense of recovery and provide you with the resources to assist in your success.

Reach out today and step into a life you’re not only thankful for but can be proud of.

Our warm and dedicated staff will greet you with the respect and love, that will make the process easier than you ever thought possible. Your interactions with RMBH are private and will be entirely confidential. When you leave or hang up the phone you can be certain, you’ll find hope in the experience and RMBH will be with you today, tomorrow and forever.

“Even the greatest Oak, started as just a little nut.”

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