Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health recently broke ground on their new Colorado Springs location, located at 685 Citadel Drive East, Suite 125 in the Citadel Terrace Building. The location is set to begin serving patients on Wednesday Nov. 4th, 2020.

Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health has been serving Southern Colorado through their Canyon City location for nearly 45 years. Offering a full suite of programs and services tailored to Mental and Behavioral Health.

“I know RMBH is going to make a big difference here.”

Ted Ulibarri – Executive Director

RMBH has worked hard through the years to become a community partner in the areas it operates and has gone to great lengths to show it’s sincerity through its involvement.

Executive Director Ted Ulibarri said “It’s great to be in my home (Colorado Springs). Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health is going to become a great part of the community here.”

Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health has been grooming their team to succeed in the new location and city for nearly a year. They believe that the way they approach patients is unique and will lead to a high level of success in Colorado Springs as it has in Canyon City for close to 5 decades.

By putting patients first, never refusing to help and making their focus “holding people’s hearts well”, RMBH fully expects to experience a high level of success in this expansion and positively impact the lives of many in the process.

For additional information on RMBH Colorado Springs, call us at (719) 275-7650